age calculator with microsoft excel
create an age calculator with excel

This article will be more of a fun as we’ll make an Amazing Age calculator app. We can create it using our smartphone also.

Yes, you heard it right?

You must have installed Microsoft excel on your phone or laptop. We’ll use Excel to create an age calculator and it will perform like an app. You just select the Day, Month and Year and it will automatically calculate and show you the age for the present day.

It will show you the format of age like:

*Years *Months *Days

Today is the time of Android and other popular mobile operating system. You may be learning those languages to develop apps for mobile phones. But this app is somehow exciting and you will find it funny while creating this app like excel sheet. Actually this age calculator that we are going to make is an excel sheet, and it will work like an app which will calculate the age.

This type of article is beneficial for those who are learning Microsoft Excel and for the children who want to become Office-savvy.

So, let’s create a simple and yet amazing Age calculator in Microsoft excel.

Things we need

  1. Microsoft Excel installed on either laptop or in phone.
  2. A little knowledge about the Formula in Microsoft Excel.

You can create this in your mobile phone, but it will be cumbersome to edit the cells as the screen size is small. You can prefer your tab, if you have one.

Create the Age Calculator

Follow the procedure below to create your own customized age calculator. You can share it to your friends that will reflect your creativity.

Create Lists for Days, Months & Years

Open Microsoft Excel and create lists of Days, Months and Years like the following. The Day list should contain maximum of 31 and Month list should contain 12. You can make the Year list as big as you want starting from 1900 or before but make sure someone who is going to enter his or her year of birth should find his year of birth in the list you have created.

I have, in this example, made a list of Year from 1900 to 2019 which will be suffice for any person to enter his or her year of birth.

Create an Amazing Age Calculator App on Your own in Microsoft Excel

Naming the Lists

The lists of Days, Months & years you have must contain a specific individual names so that we can use them later while creating the main interface of the Age calculator.

You should name the lists something like this:

  1. Select the whole list of Day starting from 1 to 31 and name it as “Day” in the top left corner of the Excel sheet as shown in the picture below.
Create an Amazing Age Calculator App on Your own in Microsoft Excel
  • Do the same for the month list and year list and name them as “Month” & “Year” respectively.

That’s it. You have named the lists for further use in the main interface of the calculator.

Designing the Main Interface of Age Calculator

This part demands your designing creativity as you are going to make an Age calculator in Excel to give it a look like software. Isn’t funny?

I have created my version of the calculator. It somehow looks good, but you can make it better with your colour choosing quality.

Create an Amazing Age Calculator App on Your own in Microsoft Excel

Putting the List in Respective Cells

Now, we’ll put the lists in respective cells to make a drop down menu to select the Day, Month and Year of the birth day.

You can put the list using the Data Validation menu like this:

  • Select the Day cell in which you want a drop down menu for the date.
Create an Amazing Age Calculator App on Your own in Microsoft Excel
  • Now go to the Data Validation option in the Menu bar under Data tab. It will open a dialog box where you will need to do put the previous created list in this Day cell. You can do this something like this:
Create an Amazing Age Calculator App on Your own in Microsoft Excel

When the dialog box for Data Validation opens, select List from Allow drop down menu and write “=Day” in the source text field. Click OK and you’ll get a drop down menu containing the days from 1 to 31 in the Day field like this. You can select your day of birth while calculating the age.

Create an Amazing Age Calculator App on Your own in Microsoft Excel
  • Now, you can repeat this procedure to put the list of Month and Years and respective Cells to make a drop down menu for month and year.

The last steps, Putting Formula in Cells

We’ll use three formula for three different cells to get the data like Your Birth day, Today and Your Age. Three of them will have different formulas. So let’s write formulas.

Formula for Your Birth Day

The blank white cells made for and formatted just below the Your Birth Day is for showing your DOB as you enter from the drop down menu, we have recently created in the left hand side.

The formula that we’ll use looks something like this:


Here I will explain something. In my case, F6 is the cell you have set the list of Day, G6 is for month and H6 is for the Year. This cell address may change depending upon your excel sheet. Please keep in mind.

As you write the formula, press Enter and your DOB will automatically be written in this cell. Whenever you change any value from the left hand side menus of D, M, or Y, the same will be reflected here.

Formula for Today

The formula for Today is very simple. When we write it, it will automatically give the date of today i.e. the date of your entering value. The formula is


The cell below the “Today” should be entered with the formula.

Formula for Your Age

Now comes the gist of this article where we’ll complete the creating of the Age calculator using the Microsoft excel.

The formula looks something like and it may change depending upon your excel sheet since the cells may be different from those I have set them here.

=DATEDIF(J7,L7,”Y”)&  “Years”&  DATEDIF(J7,L7,”YM”)&  “Months”&  DATEDIF(J7,L7,”MD”)&  “Days”

Here I will explain something about the cells to make this a bit clear for you.

Cell “J7” is the cell which contains your Birth Day and Cell “L7” is the cell containing the date of Today. These value may change depending upon your excel sheet and designing of your Age calculator.

Finally, we’ve completed creating the Age calculator in excel sheet and the final version of the excel sheet for age calculator or I will call it as an app of age calculator looks something like this:

Create an Amazing Age Calculator App on Your own in Microsoft Excel

If you like this article, you can share it to your friends who would love to make their own version of age calculator.