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The closest images of the Sun ever taken reveal tiny solar flares dotting the star’s surface
Gmail's new design could add Chat Service, Google Meet, and full-blown Google Docs
Google logo
Mozilla has launched its VPN service in both Windows and Android
Amazon's new Dash cart will help you buy without cashier only available to limited store
Now you will get zoombombing protection from Google Meet while online class
Google to invest $10 Billion in India for better Digitization
Covid-19 future drugs and Vaccine is for the places in need, not simply ‘the very best bidder’ says Bill Gates
Cisco’s Webex video conference service will now allow you to set Virtual backgrounds
Android 10 seems to have the fastest adoption rate than other version of Android
NASA updates new directives to stop contamination in the Solar System caused by space journey
Google Maps is now experimenting with Traffic Lights to guide the user in direction
Unreal Engine can now capture expressions of face through an app built for iOS
amazon alexa app
Dark mode for google docs, sheets and slides
OneDrive in Dark mode and 100GB Upload limit for business
WhatsApp brings new features like Animated Stickers, Dark Mode and others for Desktop version
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TikTok to exit from Hong Kong for new regulation there
Reddit to remove the codes from its iOS app that copies the content from the clipboard
Elon musk tesla and spacex
Xiaomi stated to be engaged in its new AI Shutter feature for the camera like Burst Mode in Google Camera
DuckDuckGo is now reachable in India after 1st July